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Wax Beans bottle


HARMLESS & NON-IRRITATING: Natural and pure ingredients to ensure that it is harmless and without skin stimulation during hair removal. Totally safe, painless, and easy to remove
GOOD HAIR REMOVAL EFFECT: The original hard wax bean can effectively and quickly remove the underarms, arms, legs, and other parts of the body hair, saving your time, but also achieving a lasting effect so you can confidently wear a bikini, super shorts, Slings, etc. Show the perfect figure and become the center of the crowd
COMFORTABLE FOR USE: No depilatory paper required, heating the wax bean and using the spatula, apply the wax directly to the skin, very convenient to use. Wax beans harden after cooling and remove the wax from the skin by hand. You will find that your skin is flawless
OBVIOUS EFFECT: Special produces on the basis of human body hair structure, such as hair length and hardness, which will be better to remove the hair or delay its growth. Suitable for men and women
SWEET TIPS: 45 ° C / 115 ° F The best wax dissolves the hair. If it’s too hot, you hurt yourself. When you use it, you need to record the temperature and avoid burning the skin. Available in 400g / bag, for long time use, 7 flavors for you to choose

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