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Glucology FitGo



The scale is designed for a maximum capacity of 180kg.

Bluetooth enabled for Android or Apple smartphones

LED Invisible Window to display weight

High precision sensor to calculate the resistance of the body for accurate body data
Smooth tempered glass pan


The Glucology FitGo app helps you be more aware of how your diet and lifestyle impact each aspect of your body health, with different modes increasing the effectiveness of weight management for all types of users.
Our scales allow you to connect up to 8 users in one account. Each ‘family member’ can have individual preferences and settings to customize their experience while keeping individual results private.
12 kinds of essential body measurement data are available in the app. Some include your weight, BMI, Body Fat, BMR, Muscle, and V-Fat to help you reach your health goals.
Track your progress with the inbuilt ‘chart’ feature saving your data and displaying your progress graphically to visually track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress and motivate you towards your goals.


Download the Glucology ‘FitGo’ app to your smartphone device using the provided QR code. There is no connecting necessary, just ensure that your device has Bluetooth on.
On the app, you can edit your target weight, add profiles and set your unit of measurements and language. Place the scale on a hard flat surface for accurate measurement.
Click ‘measure’ and then which user you are measuring before standing on the scale.
Once you are standing on the scale, 12 kinds of measurement data will be shown on the app.
Click ‘charts’ to show the history measuring data. Your previous measurements will be automatically saved.
Scales will turn off automatically once no longer in use. Store in a dry, cool place.
280mm (width) x 280mm (length) x 22mm (depth)

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